We think shopping in real life should be as easy as shopping online.

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Skip is an industry leading cloud-POS provider with a suite of Frictionless Checkout apps for shoppers & retailers.

Customers shopping at participating retailers can scan their items, pay, and skip the checkout line. We are also building and launching other digital retail products that enable shoppers to complete transactions and orders from stores remotely for delivery or pickup and a transactional bridge network to connect tailored promotions to shoppers via any platform.

We are scrappy. We are determined. We are disrupters. "Irreverent" is typically a term associated with negative connotation, but we love to harness the power that it provides us day in and day out. We are irreverent in how we view retail technology and how to disrupt it, but we are also here to help.

Skip is on a mission to leverage modern technology and mobile devices to close the loop on digital marketing and provide enhanced existential consumer experiences without breaking the bank for the retailer. As the current market leader in Frictionless Checkout technology, Skip is now setting its sights on impacting every aspect of a consumer’s journey with a convenience store.